the 410

growing next gen philanthropy

A New Generation of Charitable Leadership in NKY

Did you know that 29 zip codes span Northern Kentucky across Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties? While our communities are as unique as Northern Kentuckians themselves, there is one number that ties us all together: 410.

The 410 connects the new generation of civic and charitable leadership in Northern Kentucky. Pooled with your fellow 410 members, your commitment of $410 creates a powerful grant-making engine for Northern Kentucky nonprofits and civic projects.

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our focus

For Northern Kentucky to realize its fullest potential, we must create a dynamic, vibrant, and open culture of philanthropy that is welcoming to all but can also foster meaningful civic engagement and investment today and long into the future.

Identifying, cultivating, and supporting the next generation of civic and philanthropic leaders is critical to the future of our community. By growing philanthropic leaders and permanent charitable resources, we increase the pool of people and resources needed to address our most pressing issues and compelling opportunities. Growing philanthropy will help ensure our region’s continued growth and prosperity not only for today’s generation of Northern Kentuckians, but also for all future generations.

our big idea

Our big idea is to build a robust culture of giving in Northern Kentucky by engaging young professionals in philanthropic leadership through The 410.

The 410 is a new take on a well-established concept, the giving circle. With a self-governing, open membership, members commit to $410 per year to identify, select, and collectively fund projects that advance the quality of life in Northern Kentucky.

Each fall, members participate in an all-member, grant-making committee to review and recommend funding in an identified focus area that aligns with the grant making priorities of Horizon Community Funds: programs/initiatives that are innovative, accelerate solutions, and leverage community resources.

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