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Health issues, both seen and unseen, affect all Northern Kentuckians in some way, whether directly or indirectly. The basic preventative services we sometimes take for granted can be too far out of reach for many of our neighbors. Fortunately, Northern Kentucky is home to many nonprofits that work to boost health and wellness for the community, ensuring that all of our neighbors have access to both basic medical care and specialized care. We are grateful for them, and we would love to tell you more about these important organizations.

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In partnership with our generous donors, learn how we are helping our neighbors in need.

How You Can Help

Your gift, in any amount, can help a nonprofit like the Scheben Care Center deliver services to individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

About Scheben Care Center

We are the Bill & Betsy Scheben Care Center. We provide medical model day program services to individuals 16 and older who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities and the elderly at our Center in Florence. There are a great many things that we do daily to keep our individuals engaged and active. Physical activity is a key component for the health and welfare of our individuals and something that we try daily and as a group when possible. A few years ago, some of the individuals we serve asked if we could go outside and walk instead of just exercising inside or walking the hallways. Well, we are in a business park without sidewalks on our side of the street and can only safely go so far with the number of people we provide services for. We started walking in a circle in our parking lot. This allowed those in wheelchairs to navigate for themselves and those that had mobility issues to have assistance from staff. Many times, staff were asked if a walking path could be installed. Many grant applications have been submitted over the years to seek funding for just that project – all were turned down. A safe area to walk is something that most of us take for granted, but for many of the individuals who attend our Center daily, that is a real struggle.

In comes Horizon Community Funds and the Give Where You Live NKY campaign! Horizon Community Funds was looking for a way to make small donations have a large community impact. We were the first recipient of the Give Where You Live NKY campaign and the funds were used to finally put in a 5’ wide walking path right next to our building. We exercise daily and this provides us with the opportunity to do a much-loved activity of walking outside, but in a safe, close environment! When asked if this walking path would be on our property without Horizon Community Funds, the answer is no! We have been trying for years to secure funding and since this is not a “pretty” or “innovative” project, we were turned down. Thanks to Horizon Community Funds, something on the wish list for our individuals is a reality!