Horizon Community Funds Reaches Nearly $50 Million in Contributions Raised


more than $16 million granted back into the community

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky has raised nearly $50 million in funds since its inception in 2017, illustrating the organization’s commitment to having a meaningful impact in the Northern Kentucky community through grantmaking.

“We are constantly inspired by our community’s dedication to bettering Northern Kentucky,” said Nancy Grayson, President of Horizon Community Funds. “The $50 million that has been donated since inception exemplifies the giving nature of our neighbors.”

“The acceptance of our new public charity foundation by the people of our community has been incredible, and we are just getting started,” added Bill Butler, Horizon Community Funds Board Chair. “This foundation is designed to be forever the central way for the population to be involved in giving back. We want to be known someday as ‘The Giving Community,’ and we are on our way. We can do more good by doing it together. Horizon Community Funds is that vehicle that finally provides a way for everyone to partner to do great things that we cannot do alone.”

The organization has granted more than $16 million to 363 nonprofits and currently has more than $40 million in assets under management. In 2020, the community foundation raised more than $2 million for the Horizon NKY Coronavirus Relief Fund, providing support for more than 85,000 Northern Kentuckians most affected by the pandemic. The organization continues to identify crucial needs in Northern Kentucky and directs funds to where they are most needed.

“Before hitting the “Donate Here” button for any charitable cause, I ask myself, ‘why give?’ and I suspect you do, too,” noted Kit Andrews, chair of the Horizon Community Funds Grantmaking Committee. “Answers vary; altruism, tax breaks, or simply because someone we know and trust asked. Members of the Horizon Community Funds Grantmaking Committee ask the same question before we send money to any of the many local organizations who request it. Please trust me when I say your donated dollars are going to neighbors most in need. That’s the best part of giving through Horizon Community Funds. We give where we live and get to see our dollars helping our community thrive. For five years running, to me, that’s the best reason of all.”

Donors looking to connect with Horizon Community Funds can get more information by contacting President & CEO Nancy Grayson at 859.757.1552 or ngrayson@horizonfunds.org.