Horizon Community Funds Launches Partnership with Kenton Conservancy


new fund supports nonprofit’s work to protect significant land parcels across kenton county

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky now manages the new Kenton Conservancy Fund, which protects lands of natural, cultural, recreational, and historical significance for the people of Kenton County.

“This is great timing to build additional support and awareness for our friends at Kenton Conservancy,” said Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson. “As the weather breaks and folks start to feel more comfortable getting out and about, it will be more important than ever to showcase and protect our community’s uncommon greenspaces.”

The Kenton Conservancy is a community based, non-profit organization with the goal of land conservation in Kenton County for the benefit of people and nature. Landowners who share this goal may work hand-in-hand with the Kenton Conservancy in using a land conservation option on their own land. Options are flexible and may qualify for a variety of income, property, and estate tax benefits.

Fund partnerships with Horizon Community Funds provide a flexible way for donors to support their preferred nonprofit organization or charitable effort. Donors can make an endowed gift to support the mission of the nonprofit organization for generations to come, or can opt to make a non-endowed gift which provides funding for needs as they arise in Northern Kentucky.

“We are fortunate to have strong stewardship and enthusiasm at the Kenton Conservancy, and we are grateful for their proactive leadership in establishing a fund with Horizon Community Funds,” added Grayson.

For more information or to make a gift to the Kenton Conservancy Fund at Horizon Community Funds, visit www.horizonfunds.org or call Nancy Grayson at 859.757.1552.

Additional partner quotes:

Nicole Clements, Watershed Coordinator, Banklick Watershed Council:

More and more, we are seeing the importance that natural spaces play within our communities. From preventing flooding, to improving air quality, to providing recreational opportunities, Greenspaces are part of our essential community infrastructure.

The Kenton Conservancy performs an essential role in our community and is the only nonprofit in Kenton County ensuring sensitive lands are preserved in perpetuity and made available to the public. We frequently partner with the Conservancy to ensure that land along our creeks and streams is protected, helping to mitigate flooding and erosion within our communities. Together, we have set aside over 3 miles of waterway and made it available to the public. Preserving and making these spaces available improves the livability of NKY, provides local recreation opportunities, and helps reconnect us with the beauty of Kentucky’s natural areas.

One of my favorite things is being out on a Conservancy property and seeing families unloading kids to play in the creek and walk the trails…knowing that this place, those childhood memories, were made possible by this organization and its dedicated volunteers.

Kris Knochelmann, Judge Executive, Kenton County:

“As we continue to grow as a community, the need for preserving our unique woodlands, streams and natural systems becomes even more important. I appreciate the work the Kenton Conservancy does on behalf of the citizens of Kenton County. Please contact them if you would like to take a hike, volunteer, or donate.

They are a great example of how a committed group of volunteers can make a difference in Kenton County. I fully support the efforts of the Kenton Conservancy.”

Gary R. Wolnitzek, Chair, The Kenton Conservancy:

“The Kenton Conservancy holds over 200 acres of unique natural lands in conservation in Kenton County. We are pleased to partner with Horizon Community Funds to expand our support base while allowing us to continue with our passion of conservation.

While there were many lessons from the pandemic, what we learned is people turn to nature to relieve stress and help cope with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Our properties saw significant increase in users over the past year, which highlights the importance of our mission.

We are truly a grass roots organization of volunteers committed to preserving and enhancing nature and making it available for people to experience themselves. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in nature, willing to volunteer, contribute or experience nature firsthand.”

About Horizon Community Funds 

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is a qualified public charitable 501(c)(3) organization established as a community foundation in 2017 by Northern Kentucky leaders. Its mission is to unite resources to raise the quality of life for all people in the Northern Kentucky community. Learn more at www.horizonfunds.org