Dinsmore Homestead Foundation Partners with Horizon Community Funds


new giving stream gives boost to dinsmore homestead’s fundraising abilities

Dinsmore Homestead Foundation has established a nonprofit fund with Horizon Community Funds. This partnership will allow for a new avenue of giving in support of Dinsmore Homestead Foundation and increase awareness of their mission among the community.

“Dinsmore Homestead Foundation does a terrific job of preserving an important part of Northern Kentucky’s history,” said Horizon Community Foundation President, Nancy Grayson. “The foundation provides a great service through their educational opportunities and cultural and historic research, and we look forward to being a part of their work.”

In 1988, Martha Ferguson Breasted, a sixth generation Dinsmore, donated her family’s home and 30 acres of land to the Dinsmore Homestead Foundation to be used as a museum. The mission of the Dinsmore Homestead Foundation is to preserve and maintain the physical integrity of the historic Dinsmore Homestead, its buildings, grounds, artifacts, and papers; and to relate the life and role of the family members in local, regional and national history.

“The Dinsmore Homestead has provided ‘a window into Kentucky’s past’ for more than 180 years, first as a family home and, since 1989, as a vibrant museum,” said Barbara Bardes, Chair of Dinsmore Homestead Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Partnering with Horizon Community Funds will enable Dinsmore to share the remarkable history of the site with more school children, families and visitors and support our plan for a new Heritage Center.”

Fund partnerships with Horizon Community Funds provide a flexible way for donors to support their preferred nonprofit organization or charitable effort. Donors can make an endowed gift to support the mission of the nonprofit organization for generations to come or can opt to make a non-endowed gift which provides funding for needs as they arise in Northern Kentucky. Horizon Community Funds offers donors and fund holders a deep connection to Northern Kentucky, including its nonprofits and needs.