Covington Partners, Horizon Community Funds Join Forces for Students


donor-launched partnership augments agency’s sustainability, opens door to new donors

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky has announced a new fund with Covington Partners, a nonprofit organization that closely partners with the schools of Covington to support student achievement.

“Covington Partners touches such critical pieces of students’ lives,” said Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson. “Each additional dollar raised, and each donor connected to their work, is a huge win for Northern Kentucky. We look forward to plugging them into our networks, and we invite the community to join us in supporting Covington Partners’ successful, impactful strategies for students.”

Longtime Northern Kentucky community leaders Chuck and Julie Geisen Scheper helped to spearhead the fund, citing the nonprofit’s use of best practices and strong collaborations to strengthen student success.

Their commitment to the fund is made as the Northern Kentucky region prepares for the annual allotment of Endow Kentucky Tax Credits to open on July 1. A total of $1 million is available in credits, but is shared across the Commonwealth, underscoring the need for local donors to act fast in submitting their applications to take advantage of the incentive.

Covington Partners envisions a future in which all Covington children realize the promise of their full potential. To work toward this, the nonprofit offers a leadership & resiliency program, a longstanding and successful mentorship program, various initiatives that address physical and mental health, and family engagement programs.

“We are excited about the future of Covington Partners and how our programming will continue to serve the individual needs of our students and families as they recover from the global pandemic,” said Covington Partners Executive Director Stacie Strotman. “We have amazing students who just need additional support to be successful in school and in life.”

Covington Partners joins more than two dozen other nonprofits and causes that partner with Horizon Community Funds. Fund partnerships provide a flexible way for donors to support their preferred nonprofit organization or charitable effort. Donors can make an endowed gift to support the mission of the nonprofit organization for generations to come, or can opt to make a non-endowed gift which provides funding for needs as they arise in Northern Kentucky.

For more information about the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit program or to make a gift to the Covington Partners Fund at Horizon Community Funds, visit or call Nancy Grayson at 859.757.1552.