Boone Conservancy Launches Partnership with Horizon Community Funds


nonprofit fund will raise money to protect nearly 1,000 acres of land in boone county

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky and The Boone Conservancy have partnered to launch a new fund to support the Conservancy’s efforts in Boone County.

“The Boone Conservancy is the face behind some of your favorite green spaces right here in Northern Kentucky,” said Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson. “This fund helps them continue to create hiking trails, restore waterways and woodlands, and do so much more for the outdoor environment in Boone County.”

The Boone Conservancy facilitates the permanent protection of land with unique or significant recreational, natural, historical, and/or cultural value in Boone County, Kentucky. The organization works with the business community, landowners, developers, government, and citizens through partnerships and voluntary acquisitions of land and easements. 

“As Northern Kentucky, especially Boone County, continues to develop, it is important to preserve the exceptional natural landscapes of our region,” said Boone Conservancy Executive Director Christy Noll. “Additionally, during this time of social distancing, nature and the serenity of the outdoors have been a wonderful outlet for the community. This moment reminds us of the importance of protecting Northern Kentucky’s beautiful forests, streams and meadows for the benefit of the community.”

The land either remains in its natural state or is developed as a passive recreation area. In most cases, the land is open to the public for hiking, fishing, horseback riding, picnicking, and other recreational activities. The land also serves as a natural laboratory for local schools and educational events.

For more information, visit To make a gift to the Boone Conservancy fund at Horizon Community Funds, visit or call 859.757.1552.

About Horizon Community Funds 

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