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Anne Marie Gieske Fund

The Anne Marie Gieske Fund is established to promote music and ministry among youth and young adults in Northern Kentucky and beyond. Anne Marie’s life, her interests and ideals are guiding factors for her fund.

To promote excellence in music among our youth, this fund will support middle school students with private music lessons. At the beginning of 7th grade Anne Marie started private lessons. After just two lessons she jumped from a beginner to an intermediate clarinetist. This turning point led to Anne Marie excelling in music during her high school years. The fund will help students put the best of themselves into their endeavors.

This fund will help support students to participate in faith based camps, retreats, or conventions. Anne Marie was blessed to be part of the Girl’s Challenge club at Blessed Sacrament Church. She also participated in Young Life and NCYC in high school and FOCUS in college. These groups helped form Anne Marie in her faith and nurtured her relationship with God.

About Anne Marie

On October 29, 2022 while studying abroad Anne Marie Gieske died tragically in a crowd surge in South Korea. She died 5 days after her 20th birthday. While Anne Marie is sorely missed, her life continues to have an impact on those who knew her. Anne Marie was fun, talented and full of love for anyone she met.