about us

uncommon advocates for a better nky

we’re building a community

Some people say Northern Kentucky is a bit uncommon. We know it. We own it. We have an uncommon unity by sharing our uncommon personalities. We create a common strength that solves our common problems, in the ways that only we can.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of…

News and Events

Keep up on everything we’re doing and talking about in our community.

Who We Help

Education. Poverty. The arts. And more. Your efforts make a difference for the good people of Northern Kentucky.

our mission

we exist to unite resources to raise the quality of life for all people in the northern kentucky community.

our goals

Increase philanthropic giving among Northern Kentucky individuals, corporations and organizations

Foster a giving community

Build the resource base for things like social services, urban revitalization, education, health and wellness, community unity, and the arts.

Promote trust & ownership. We are Northern Kentucky neighbors for our Northern Kentucky home.

why we’re different

We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.

Our leadership has a unique understanding of the needs and possibilities for the Northern Kentucky community.

We deliver a streamlined donor experience.

We can multiply the impact of gift dollars.

We have the expertise to help people invest in the cause they care about most—regardless of location.