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a daily meal and a place to sleep

For far too many of our neighbors, a daily meal and safe place to sleep is a constant uncertainty. Fortunately, there are many strong advocates leading organizations in our community who not only provide these basic needs, but also set these Northern Kentuckians up for success and sustainability. If you are passionate about this issue, let’s have a conversation about some of these high-impact nonprofits that work every day to ensure that all have access to resources and opportunities.

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In partnership with our generous donors, learn how we are helping our neighbors in need.

How You Can Help

Your gift, in any amount, can help a nonprofit like Life Learning Center deliver “Foundations for a Better Life.”

About Life Learning Center

Life Learning Center delivers a holistic, integrated continuum of learning and care to help our 'at-risk' citizens to reach their highest potential.

Life Learning Center believes that permanent self-sufficiency begins with a transformational change that permits long-term success. Many socially oriented service programs, if not most, provide only temporary support or relief for those in poverty. The goal of Life Learning Center is to provide Candidates with the necessary tools and support that will allow them to not only find a job, but sustain a living wage career. The Center focuses on overcoming barriers in ALL five domains of life: emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, and relational.