Memorial Fund Established with Horizon Community Funds in Honor of Campbell County High School Teacher, Eric Estenfelder


A memorial fund has been established with Horizon Community Funds in honor of Eric Estenfelder, a graduate of Cooper High School and a Campbell County High School teacher. The fund will support baseball programs in the Northern Kentucky area.

Eric was a math teacher at Campbell County High School where he also served as the Assistant Baseball Coach. He was passionate about baseball and shared his love for the game with his students.

“Through the generosity from the community, the family is able to give continued support to a cause that was very dear to Eric,” said Jim Collins, Eric’s grandfather and former Boone County Administrator.

Eric passed away at the age of 26 in December of 2022. A son, brother, grandson, nephew, teacher, coach, and friend, Eric was described as a ray of light by all who knew him. Eric was a 2014 graduate of Cooper High School, a 2018 graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and was pursuing his Master of Arts in Teaching at Thomas More University.

“His ability to interact with both players and coaches was incredible,” Scott Schweitzer, Campbell County High School Teacher and Head Baseball Coach, said of Eric. “He had a knack for building relationships and both the kids and the adults in the baseball program loved him. I could see the impact he was making on our building as well. Kids enjoyed going to his math class and he was making a difference. Eric had relationships with a majority of the staff and was a key cog in our school climate in a very short time. I can’t say enough about how much we loved Eric and how awesome of a human being he was.”

“We are grateful to be a part of this fund that honors Eric’s legacy,” said Nancy Grayson, President and CEO of Horizon Community Funds. “It’s clear Eric had a significant impact on his students and the players he coached. This fund will ensure that impact continues for years to come.”

Community members can support this fund by contributing at